If you have any questions we haven’t covered then please call us on 01934 413050  or 07976 797 292.

These are the most common questions we get asked.

Do you film using a high quality camera format?

Yes, we use professional broadcast digital equipment shooting in Full High Definition format. Steve Uses Final Cut Pro X professional edit suite in post-production.

Will I have my wedding put on DVD or Blu Ray or 4K format?

We want your film to look at the highest possible quality, so we provide the finished film on a USB memory stick.

We can encode your finished film to a format of your choice, it is your film after all, so the choice is yours.

What background music accompanies my wedding film?

We use music that you have chosen and supplied. We can select appropriate copyright free music for you if you require. We assume you have cleared any copyright or we can arrange a blanket fee coverage, please ask.

If you want to use your highlights on YouTube or social media, you have to use a licenced track which we will organise for you. There is a £30 worldwide use fee to pay.

How do I provide the music?

We would prefer the music provided by you to be on a memory stick using a .wav or MP3 format, or you can burn your own CD with all the tracks you would like us to use.

We have a huge library of music copyright free which is increasing weekly. We can also source hard to find music for you. We ask you to list the tracks on the booking form and on the disc itself and also ask you to write your names on the CD or memory stick.

Will you be unobtrusive when filming?

We have more than 35 years of wedding filming experience and it is essential for us to be unobtrusive for the obvious reasons. It is also important that we capture key moments naturally as they happen, without it looking staged or performed in any way. This is something we pride ourselves in and has lead to excellent relationships with every other service provider on the day such as vicars, venues, photographers, etc; as we keep the flow of the day moving.

Which areas do you cover?

We can and do travel to any part of the UK or internationally, preferably the Maldives :)

We are based in the South West of England. We charge mileage for travel outside of a 20-mile radius from base at the AA suggested rate. If your wedding is international, a return flight at cost price plus accommodation is charged if an overnight stay and meals are required while away.

What parts of the day do you cover?

We offer a bespoke service to all our clients. Please remember, we are service providers and if you want us to film from waking to sleeping then we will. For instance, if the Groom and his entourage are having a round of golf at 7am in the morning, we can film this for you. Or you might need us until you leave the evening reception. Anything is possible - after all, it is your day.

How many other weddings will you do on my day?

When you book us, that day is yours 100%. One operator per wedding per day, and of course you can add additional operators to your day also.

Can I change the options after I have booked and placed a deposit?

Yes, you can change the options up to two weeks before the wedding day.

How quickly can we pick the video up after the day?

We get to work on the video the following Monday and usually most couples pick up the finished version within 3/4 weeks. But through the very busy summer months we may not be able to have it ready in this time, as we do not rush it. So on average from start to finish a final cut for client approval can be ready in 6 weeks.

How many cameras do the Wedding Filming Company use?

We employ techniques to give the impression we have used multiple cameras when filming, and we also use up to four cameras, but if you need more we can organise this for you. An extra camera/s and  static camera/s can be easily added with notice.

What about price changes if we book more than a season in advance?

When booking the price will be agreed, but also bear in mind we are in a creative and techically ever-moving forward industry. We are always looking to add new options and upgrades to stay ahead, so keep an eye on our Facbook and this website to keep up with our new options and price changes.

The increase will usually be due to new technology, higher operating costs, new options, etc.

What happens in the unlikely event you cannot attend our wedding?

In the unlikely event that we are unable to attend your wedding, we will make every effort (with your approval) to find a replacement videographer for you. We already have a videographer in place full time. And in the unlikely event that we need to cancel your booking, we will refund any monies paid. We're able to provide good peace of mind because we have a great team of videographers, so there it's more than likely another one of our operators will be available to attend your wedding day. In 35 years we haven't let a couple down yet!

Are you insured?

Yes. As a responsible business we are insured by a photographic and video specialist insurance company who provide public liability, equipment and professional indemnity cover for us. 

Why do I have to feed and water the camera operator?

We politely as you to offer our operator a hot plate of food and cold soft drink while the wedding breakfast takes place, as in some cases we can be filming for 8 hours before that happens. So it is in our contract for you to provide this for us, a lot of venues don’t even charge you for it. If you forget we wont ask on the day and just purchase a snack/drink and invoice you afterwards.

When is the final balance and music due? Do we have to have a final details meeting?

Two weeks before the wedding your final balance is due. At the same time we will need your music sheet and music on CD or memory stick, and we will also need to check the details of the day against the form you orginally signed to make sure there are no changes to the running of the day. How you do this is up to you: some couples are happy to talk through their requirements and details of their day over the phone and email and send the final payment online and music by post, but we are more than happy to have a meeting with you and talk through everything in person with you.

How can we pay you?

You can pay a deposit or balance by cash, BACS, or cheque, cheques payable to 'The Filming Company'.

How do I guarantee I can book you?

To guarantee your wedding date it is so important to do as soon as possible, as we often get booked up to two years in advance. As soon as we have received your booking form and deposit and agreed your package then your date will be guaranteed with us.

How do I book?

There are several ways to book, all of which require the booking form to be completed. The booking form can be completed here. We also require a booking deposit of £500 which can be paid by BACS (details available on request) and this will be deducted from the total cost of your package.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking with you?

If you could send us written notification that you would like to cancel your booking with us, we will then confirm your cancellation. Depending on when you cancel you will be liable for the following charges which are calculated as a percentage of your remaining balance:

30 days before wedding day = 90%

31-60 days before wedding day = 70%

61-90 days before wedding day = 50%

91 or more days before wedding day = 30%.

The deposit is non refundable.

Do you have a terms and conditions form?

Yes, this can be read and printed http://www.weddingfilming.co.uk/Terms-Conditions