Why have your wedding filmed?

Why have your wedding filmed?

Why is my wedding video/wedding film so important?

Why can’t I just pay a college student £400 quid to film and edit my wedding video and call it a day?

Think of life as a timeline. It flows from left to right and nothing we do gives us the ability to go back in time; At least when this blog was written in January of 2016. There are moments that occur within this timeline that stay with us forever. The greatest tool in the history of mankind is the mind and it has the ability to remember some of these moments and feelings from the individual’s own point of view. However, it lacks the ability to relive those moments from a different viewpoint. My wedding video, however, does have this ability. For example, if I am a bride walking down the isle with my father, there is no way, that my mind will ever forget that feeling. However, it cannot remember those specific moments from my grandmother’s point of view, or my mother’s or my awaiting husband.

Similarly to the mind, the video camera has the ability to record a memory from a specific point of view. It takes a certain skill and talent to be able to capture these special moments. It is not as simple as picking up a camera, turning it on and pressing record. There is a level of sophistication and creativity that goes along with this profession. Your mind must have the ability to anticipate and envision shots that when put together with other points of view (cameras), recreate a scene that will allow our own memory to travel back in time. Along with the combination of video editing, we literally own a time machine that produces a product that will last forever.

That is why the decision of hiring a videographer for your wedding is a very difficult one. Yes budgets are important and tough decisions must be made. However, the time machine we possess, is priceless.

That is why hiring a cheap videographer can be the most costly decision of your life. 

When I speak to Bride & Groom's that approach me to film their wedding, I tell them the truth. If you hire a cheap videographer, he or she will not be able to provide you with a creative product or dedicate the proper amount of time for a beautiful, cinematic video. They may capture special moments, but talent isn’t cheap. However, not investing in a high quality and creative wedding video for the most important day of your life, could end up costing you more than any amount of money.

I have been making weddings films for 33 years now and the most frustrating thing is to hear when a couple who was considering having a film, then didn't,  and they tell me they absolutely regretted it and if they could change one thing about their day is to have had it filmed.

Our friends and family won't always be with us, but this film in years to come will show you and help you relive the best day of your lives, anytime you want to watch it, so don't be one of those couples who thought about a film and never bothered to secure a professional and remember your wedding in a stylish, entertaining and happy tears way.

Now you have read this you can't not at least have a free consultation to find out what I am talking about, call now 07976979292 to find out so much more of how we can creat the perfect wedding day film for you and for your future generations.

I will leave with this, a solicitor calls you into the office and says 3 generations ago, the great grandparents, who you have never met, left you two boxes you can only choose one, the other has to be destroyed one you choose, one has their wedding photos in 35 of them and the other has the wedding film which one would you choose?