About The Wedding Filming Company

The Wedding Filming Company was established in 1983 and has been making beautiful, natural cinematic wedding films ever since.

It started when Steve discovered cine films of himself growing up and was absolutely fascinated by the experience of the evolution of his childhood, he then made imaginative films and documentaries for himself and other people growing up, he saw what pleasure they got from them and pushed harder each and every time to make the next production better than the last, Steve has an affinity with this work and is still increasingly passionate about it, he is always one step ahead with technological advances to maintain the highest standards of quality in the field as well as archiving the finished results as best as today’s technology allows. We also offer 2 or more film/video cameras at any wedding, if required.

Steve works with a focused and dedicated group of like-minded professionals. Steve always gets great reviews and feedback for his camerawork, editing and friendly manner on the day.

Whichever member of the team video/films your wedding day we can safely say we all film to a very high standard demanded by Steve, as it is him, that edits everything and finally approves it for the clients viewing.

Steve says “From the first phone call, to the thank you note the client writes or even getting copies in 30 years time on a new format, it should be an easy and smooth experience with us, we are here providing an excellent service for couples special day and treat each couple as individual and unique and the films should also reflect that, which is why friends are happy to recommend other friends to us, as their films will look unique and different and have that personal touch added in the edit process.

So if you like the look of our work on our wedding video demo page, checked out our prices, and see how committed we are to produce your wedding film, so that it becomes a priceless part of your family’s history, please call us now to start the creation of your perfect wedding film and book a free no obligation consultation.

We look forward to meeting you.

Cinematography is our passion.